Dear fiends,

Our School serves an activity interlinked with the history of mankind. Throughout history man needs raw materials to live and prosper. Huge quantities of materials with a constantly accelerating rate. Our School was born and developed with the aim of serving this critical first link from which every production chain starts. Sometimes this chain is lengthy, so the first originating link is not well visible. But it is always there and never ceases to exist, it never loses its fundamental importance.

Main scope of our School is the identification, evaluation and extraction of raw materials either used for the production and manufacturing of final products (minerals and industrial minerals) or for the production of energy (lignite, hydrocarbons, etc.). However, all the above materials and recourses extracted are found in forms not ready or unsuitable for their subsequent management. Hence, a secondary process is required to transform them, either by changing their physical properties (mineral procvessing), or by acting chemically upon them (metallurgy). Further on there are new processes that are capable of enhancing the properties of metal products and/or produce new type of materials as ceramics, polymers, electronic materials, etc.

Besides the above, we are “earth engineers” more than any other engineering discipline and in that manner we are forging through our programme a solid background in geological and geotechnical engineering. This allows our graduates to know in depth and have specialization in areas related to geotechnology, underground tunnels and space development, deep foundations, explosives, etc.

Finally, as our main line of work consists a heavy industrial activity in our School we work with passion with the tackling and the minimization of the environmental impacts, having an ultimate goal to “peacefully co-exist” with the local communities and to allow correct mining practices to receive a wider social acceptance.

Our School has been linked to all the great advances of Greek society, such as the production of cheap electricity from domestic raw materials or the domestic vertical integration of production. On the ground of today’s crisis that degrades everything, these words may sound like stories of “past grandeur.” It’s not like this. Our country has gone through other difficult times, perhaps even more difficult. In order to stand once again firlmy on its feet, it always returned to the exploitation of its comparative advantages, and one of them is certainly the mineral wealth Greece’s possesses. And it succeeded when fresh ideas were combined with the dynamism and technological competence of young scientists.

Our School is a small, “family” school. We consider it one of our great assets. The vast amphitheaters and the impersonal relationships between teachers and students are not our reality. To us, the process of knowledge has strong elements of participation and interaction. We try not to fall into a typical “school-based” process but we aspire to be not only beneficial but also attractive and exciting. We maintain relationships with our graduates, and their professional career development is always one of the main concerns of the School.

Once again I welcome you to our School’s site. If you find elements or topics that you are particularly interested in, our people will be more than happy to meet or contact you and give you more information.