Curriculum Principles

The curriculum of the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering has been formed having in mind:

the scientific and professional activities of the Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, the production and development activities of Greece in the corresponding fields and the prevailing trends in these two scientific areas

The curriculum objectives are to give the graduating engineer the necessary scientific and technological knowledge that will enable him/her to successfully face the needs and requirements of the various scientific and professional activities. That is, to enable the engineer to work efficiently and productively in exploiting the mineral and energy resources of the country, in mines, in quarries, in geotechnical works, in industries which add value to mineral raw materials, in metallurgical plants, in metal-forming enterprises, in business and activities related to the protection and rehabilitation of the environment. This means that the graduated Mining or Metallurgical Engineers must be in a position:

  • to keep abreast of the latest scientific advances and to be able to go deeper in the area of their special engineering activities,
  • to be able to collaborate with other engineers or scientists of related disciplines,
  • to have the flexibility to adjust to scientific and technological developments, and finally
  • to have a certain level of knowledge, which will allow them, if they so wish, to pursue graduate studies in their field or even beyond that.