Marking Scheme

Marking in all courses is done by the 0-10 scale, without using fractions of an integer, and using as a basis for passing the mark 5. Thesis marking is an exception, since it is allowed to use half a mark (0.5), and the basis for passing is the mark 5.5. The overall mark for the diploma is calculated by summing the following:

  • the arithmetic average of all course marks taken by the student during his studies, with a weighted coefficient of four fifths (4/5), and
  • the thesis mark, with a weighted average of one fifth (1/5).

The total quality of the student is assessed according to the following scale:

Excellent 9 to 10
Very Good 7 to 8.99
Good 5.5 to 6.99
Satisfactory 5 to 5.49
Bad below 5