Ioanna Ilia

Research, Laboratory and Teaching Personnel

Scientific Field: Applications of Spatial Analysis and Machine Learning on Engineering Geology

School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
Iroon Polytechniou 9 str., GR 15780 Zografou Campus, Athens, Greece
Office , 1st floor
+30 210 772-


Dr. Ioanna Ilia is a Laboratory Teaching Staff, member at the Laboratory of Engineering Geology - Hydrogeology, in the Department of Geological Sciences, School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). She has graduated from the School of Natural Sciences, Department of Geology, University of Patras (2003), and successfully completed the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of Studies "Applied Environmental Geology" at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA) in 2007. Her doctoral thesis, titled "Engineering geological features of marls in the wider area of Kimi, Euboea, their impact on construction: problems and their treatment," was completed in 2013. Her primary research activity focuses on the application of Geographic Information Systems and Machine Learning methods in the analysis and evaluation of natural hazards, in Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, and Environmental Geology. She has served as a reviewer for high-impact scientific journals and has participated as a researcher in more than 14 research programs funded by the European Union, public, and private sector.

She has published more than 40 publications in leading scientific journals and international and national scientific conferences. Her current citations (January 2024) are 2012 according to SCOPUS resulting to an h-index of 18. Recent papers include:

  • Shang, H., Su, L., Chen, W., Tsangaratos, P., Ilia, I, Liu, S., Cui, S., Duan, Z., 2023. Spatial Prediction of Landslide Susceptibility Using Logistic Regression (LR), Functional Trees (FTs), and Random Subspace Functional Trees (RSFTs) for Pengyang County, China. Remote Sens. 2023, 15(20), 4952;

  • Tsangaratos, P. Ilia, I. Chrysafi, A.-A., Matiatos, I., Chen, W., Hong, H., 2023. Applying a 1D Convolutional Neural Network in Flood Susceptibility Assessments—The Case of the Island of Euboea, Greece. Remote Sens. 2023, 15, 3471.

  • Ilia, I., Tsangaratos, P., Tzampoglou, P., Chen, W., Hong, H., 2022. Flash flood susceptibility mapping using stacking ensemble machine learning models. Geocarto International,

  • Achite, M., Tsangaratos, P., Ilia, I., Toubal, A.K., 2021. Applying support vector machines optimized by genetic algorithm for estimating the spatial distribution of mean annual precipitation. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 14(8), 672.

  • Chen, W., Chen, Y., Tsangaratos, P., Ilia, I., Wang, X., 2020. Combining evolutionary algorithms and machine learning models in landslide susceptibility assessments, Remote Sensing12(23), pp. 1–26, 3854.

  • Chen, W., Li, Y., Tsangaratos, P., Shahabi, H., Ilia, I., Xue, W., Bian, H. 2020. Groundwater spring potential mapping using artificial intelligence approach based on kernel logistic regression, random forest, and alternating decision tree models. Applied Sciences, 10(2), 425.

  • Chen, W., Panahi, M., Tsangaratos P., Shahabi, H., Ilia, I., Panahi, S., Li, S., Jaafari, A., Ahmad, B.B., 2019. Applying population-based evolutionary algorithms and a neuro-fuzzy system for modeling landslide susceptibility, CATENA, 172:212-231.