Petros Tsakiridis

Assistant Professor

Scientific Field: Industrial Materials and Electron Microscopy

School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
Iroon Polytechniou 9 str., GR15773 Zografou Campus, Athens, Greece

Office 2.9, 2nd floor
+30 210 772 2171




Dr Petros Tsakiridis is Assistant Professor in “Industrial Materials and Electron Microscopy” at the Physical Metallurgy Laboratory and Instructor at “Electron Microscopy Center” of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering School of the National Technical University of Athens. He is Chemical Engineer, holding MSc on Environmental Science and PhD degree on Metallurgy. He has over 20 years of experience and extensive research background, with 79 impact factor Journal papers and about 75 papers in conferences, while he has participated in more than 20 research projects. His total citations number is over 2300 with an H-index equal to 24.

His research mainly focuses on ,industrial materials treatment and characterization, industrial alloys, advanced composite materials, structure and properties, electrochemical and corrosion phenomena, industrial wastes / by-products valorization, separation and purification of metals from primary and secondary resources and building materials.

Furthermore, he has extensive postdoctoral experience on materials characterization, using advanced techniques, such as TEM, SEM, EBSD, XRD, TG-DTA, FT-IR etc.

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